About Odyssey House

Odyssey House is a comprehensive social services agency based in New York City. Our innovative programs help individuals and families deal with substance use disorders, mental illness, homelessness, and medical problems. From working with adolescents to senior citizens, we have taken care to see that all these individuals get the best treatment available to overcome their drug problems.

Our Mission

It is the mission of Odyssey House:

  • To provide comprehensive and innovative services to the broadest range of metro New York's population who:
    • Abuse drugs
    • Abuse alcohol
    • Suffer from mental illness
  • To provide high quality, holistic treatment impacting all major life spheres:
    • Psychological, physical, social, family, educational and spiritual
  • To support personal rehabilitation, renewal and family restoration

Throughout our activities, Odyssey House undertakes to act as a responsible employer and member of the community, and manage the assets of the organization in a professional manner.